A consultant is someone who is experienced in a particular field employed to give expert advice to a client, which may be an individual or a company/organization.

But what makes me standout from others is my passion and drive for canine training. I have made it my life’s work and enjoy nothing more than to problem solve canine issues or develop new projects/programs.

  • Over 35 years experience training canines and developing programs
    I have vast experience in developing training solutions from no known template and always been 100% successful in the scope, schedule and costs.
  • Experienced and certified Project Manager
    As an experienced Project and Program Manager I have a proven track record for meeting clients requirements. Having gained certification from the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP) I have demonstrated by commitment to ensuring ALL projects are completed to FULL client satisfaction.


As a Subject Matter Expert I can assist your canine program in:

  • Selection of new canines
    • Best breed selection based on task to include procurement from my pre-screened vendors
    • Selection tests and assessments
  • Training
    • Imprinting
    • Training protocols
    • Systematic stages of training which have proven to reduce costs and yield real results
    • Maintenance training
    • Advanced detection tactics, techniques and protocols
    • Problem solving
  • Utilization
    • Deployment plans
    • Methods of utilization
  •  Logistical
    • Resource requirements and procurement
    • Training materials
    • Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) documentation


I standby my work and guarantee results! That is right…..if you request my consultation services and I fail to deliver you will receive 100% return of your investment.

  • Defined Statement of Work
  • Project completed to schedule and cost
  • Any requirement for behind schedule costs is 100% free to you
  • I promise satisfaction